What Women Wants

What do women want:

  • Men are still faced with the age old question; what do women really want? It seems like all of the rules are changing. Political correctness is everywhere. Does it mean that women don't want men to be men? Does it mean that everyone should be the same? No! Equal but different is the real way REAL women want to be viewed.
  • So, how do you guys impress a real woman? Treat her like a woman! Tell her how wonderful she looks. Talk to her as if she were an equal. Value her opinions. Compliment her on her figure.
  • Buy her flowers. Buy her jewelry. Be romantic. Make time just for the two of you.
  • Why do so called bad boys get so many women? Not because they're bad boys, but because they are good at romancing women. They make a woman feel special. They make a woman feel like she's the only one in the world when she's with them. Believe me, I know. I dated my share of bad boys.
  • I didn't marry one, though. I married a man who most people would consider to be one of those so called nice guys that finish last. He is much more than a nice guy, however. He has a good job, believes in fidelity, is secure with his own sexuality, and makes me feel like his queen.
  • What impressed me about him? He spoke directly to me. He spoke to me as if I had an IQ. Still, he let me know he was the man and I was the woman.
  • He opens doors. He mows the lawn. He also cooks from time to time, and even does laundry once in a while. He takes the time to please me in bed, which impresses any woman, guys!
  • So, let's recap, men. How do you impress a REAL woman? Do blur the gender roles. Be a man. Do treat women like they're special. Don't treat them like they're subservient. Do your best to blend the best of the bad boy's techniques, with the strengths of the nice guy's morals. It works.
  • Don't let chivalry fall victim to political correctness. Treat that real woman your heart desires like a lady, you'll impress her for sure.

Impress women naturally:

  • Some of the nature's wonders have been designed to impress counterparts with opposite sex. How would a male peacock look if it didn't have those beautiful feathers to impress female peacocks? Not too beautiful right? Certainly there are many men out there trying to impress the small group of Indian women out here in the US. But hey, don't give up. Because you are a loyal USAIndians.com visitor, we want you to be ahead of others in trying to impress that wonderful girl you have been thinking about. Follow these simple techniques and who knows, may be you can ask her for a date on valentines day!!!
  • Ask her about herself, her ambitions, her life. Be interested. It's a rare woman who wants to sit around all night listening to a man talk about himself. And the more you try to impress her with your tales of adventure, the less impressed she'll be.
  • Be presentable. Women are notorious accessorizers, and whether she'll admit it to you or not, you are an accessory. Other women will judge her on her choice. A clean, good-smelling man with well-fitting clothes is a real prize.
  • Make eye contact. A lot. And smile - in a friendly way. Don't leer.
  • Be a gentleman. It's a myth that chivalry is dead, right? There are just a few women out there messing it up for the rest of us who really do like to have doors held open for us.
  • Learn to dance. Women will flock to you - all of them will be impressed.
  • Be funny without being crude. It's an art.
  • Compliment her. Notice her shoes or her watch - something that shows you're paying attention. We'll change our clothes six times before we leave the house; it's nice to find someone who appreciates the final choice.
  • It's hard for a woman not to be impressed with a man who is impressed with her. If you really like her, tell her so. You don't have to make a big deal about it, just let her know you admire her.
  • Don't stare at her - or other women.