Tips To Seduce Married Women

(with whom you want to have an affair, off course!)

Married women can be the perfect choice for your next affair. They generally are looking for a little bit of fun and romance with no strings attached. This is perfect for the man who is looking for the same. Here are some tips in helping you to seduce that perfect married woman.

1. Tell her that she is beautiful.

Women want to know that they are beautiful whether it is the first thing in the morning or late at night. Married women may not hear that they are beautiful as often as they should and if you are the one to tell them, there is a good chance they will be flattered and more open to your seduction.

2. Learn the art of teasing and flirting. 

Teasing and flirting are both fun ways to start seducing someone. Married women usually miss these things in their normal relationships and will find it exciting that someone finds them attractive enough to engage them in this type of activity.

3. Remember to touch when teasing.

A small touch on the arm, hand or even stroking her hair is sure to turn on a married woman.  A married woman who is open to seduction will eagerly embrace affection.  You can test the waters to see how they react to some flirtatious touching.  Do not, however, touch a woman inappropriately or in a way that may be deemed disrespectful or forward.

4. Make sure she knows you are interested in her, but don't stalk. 

Give her your phone number and then give her the opportunity to call you.  If you call her every day, you may scare her away or put her in an awkward position.  Remember that you are just a fun fling and that the majority of her time will probably be dedicated to her whatever relationship she has with her husband and family.  Leaving it all in her hands will give her the control she needs to feel free enough to pursue an extramarital affair.

5. Be unpredictable when you plan things. 

Chances are that the married woman’s husband is predictable. For this reason, you need to be unpredictable. Call her sometimes on a weekday and then change it to a weekend.  Do not take her out on typical dates.  Be sexy and sophisticated.  Married woman are usually not looking for something normal so make sure you are thinking creatively when seducing a married woman.

6. Dress fashionably. 

Make sure that your woman likes the way you look.  Remember looks plays a big role in seduction. Wear expensive cologne and always look fresh and clean.  Married women are probably looking for you to fulfill a fantasy so do not let her down.

7. Listen to her. 

All married women need someone who will generally listen to them and care what they have to say.  Act like her friend and lover.

8. Show her passion. 

Be passionate about everything you share with her from the food the two of you eat together to the sex you share.

9. Praise her often and praise her with honesty.  

Point out things about her that you honestly like.  If you think she is smart or funny, tell her so.  Most married women do not hear enough praises each day.

10. Act positive.

Be a positive influence.  Always appear like you are in a good mood and happy when she is with you.  Many husbands do not show this positive side every day. This can always be a great mood lifter.

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